Aerotrike Aviation

What do you need to start training? Quite simply, a desire to learn, to be in good health, and a sense of adventure!!

Costs, Services and Booking Procedures........

30 minute Discovery Flight: $95.00

60 minute Orientation Flight: $145.00 / hour

  1. Bullet Flight Lessons: $145.00 / hour OR pre-pay $700.00 for 5 hours

  2. Bullet Flight test Instructor Rating $500.00

  3. Bullet SOLO flight requirement will be done with the students own aircraft.

Ground School

A minimum of 20 hours ground school (conducted by Aerotrike Aviation) is required by Transport Canada.

Course Cost________$300.00

Books (UPAC Syllabus) and Aeronautical Map_____$200.00

Transport Canada AIM and NAVCAN Flight Supplement also required and available for purchase from Aerotrike Aviation.

Material covered includes:

1. Canadian Aviation Regulations.

2. Air Traffic Control Clearances and Instructions including Air Traffic Rules and Procedures.

3. Air Traffic Control procedures as they apply to the control of VFR traffic including Information Circulars and NOTAM.

4. Air Traffic Control procedures at uncontrolled airports and aerodromes.

5. Special VFR Regulations , including meteorological phenomena as applicable.

6. Aeronautical Information Circulars and A.I.P. Canada (ICAO) Supplements as published by the Air Navigation services provider.

7. Basic aerodynamics applicable to the type of ultra-light being used for the training.

8. Emergency procedures including stall recognition and recovery procedures.

  1. 9.Human Factors, including pilot decision-making process.

Steps to Licensing

The requirements listed here are meant as a general guide. Information about pilot licensing is available in the CARS part 4. (Canadian Aviation Regulations) All requirements need to be met within the 24 months following date of medical. 

  1. Self-declared medical form submitted by student. No Fee.

  2. Ground School (20 hours) and Radio License (study guide)

  3. Flight time minimum of 5 hours required prior to writing Transport Canada exam.

  4. Pre-solo exam administered by Aerotrike Aviation, 60 questions / 90% pass or rewrite.

  5. Student Pilot Permit issued by Aerotrike Aviation. No fee.

  6. Skill experience completed, approximately 20 to 25 hours dual flight instruction.

  7. Solo, in students own aircraft, requires radio operator certificate and above conditions.

  8. Write Ultralight Pilot Permit at Transport Canada or designate within 60 days of completing ground school and after completing 5 hours flight time. Practice Exam

  9. Ultralight Pilot Permit issued by Transport Canada via Aerotrike Aviation.

Students must be 14 years of age to obtain Student Pilot Permit, 16 for the Ultralight Pilot Permit and 18 for the Instructor Rating.

Before the initial introductory flight all students will be required to sign a liability waiver.

Must have a minimum of 10 hours flight time of which 2 hours are solo and include 30 takeoffs and landings with no less than 10 landings and takeoffs solo.** Flight training times specified are minimums required by Transport Canada. Realistically 20 to 25 hours will be required by Aerotrike Aviation.

Aerotrike Aviation assumes most students will have completed licensing requirements within a 24 month period. With commitment the training can easily be completed in 3-6 months.

Note: No passengers are allowed on Basic ultra-lights (Trikes) except where the pilot has an instructor rating or if the passenger is also a licensed pilot.

To ensure each student gets their reserved flight lesson time always arrive 1/2 hour prior to your scheduled flight time.

ALL flights will be confirmed by phone the evening before a flight. It is the students responsibility to notify Aerotrike Aviation of a cancellation a minimum of 12 hours before the pre-arranged flight time. Failure to do so will result in a $50.00 cancellation fee.